Qigong DVD

Qigong Forms DVD

Qigong Forms DVD
Eight Complete Forms Including Five Animal Frolics, Eight Brocades, Meridian Opening Sets
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Qigong Certification Course

Pressing the Sky Qigong

TCCII presents a new Qigong Certification Credit Course in January 2015. This course will focus on teaching the two important Qigong exercises, explain in detail how to do them correctly, and lead you through the exercises until you can do them fluently. The 8-hour curriculum will also include lectures on Chinese medicine and Qigong principles to enhance the understanding of Qigong fundamentals.

Upon completion, participants will not only earn credits towards Qigong Instructor Certification from TCCII, but also take home two most powerful healing exercises, and be able to teach and explain how to do them effectively.

Contents of the [...]

Monty Awards 2014


This year TCCII Executive Directors Shawn Cartwright and Yinong Chong were honored with a 2014 MCM Monty Award for their video production “Dueling to Excel”at MCM.

This short documentary, featuring Rockville Fencing Academy, was a project Shawn and Yinong undertook in the summer. It’s their first field production project outside of Chinese culture, but the project received high remarks from the judges.

Spotlight on Screenwriters at Script DC

IMG_20141115_091744_994 Talisman Sword4x3

TCCII Executive Director Shawn Cartwright just returned from Script DC. This annual event brought together writers, producers, directors, and others in the film industry. Two of Shawn’s screenplays, TALISMAN SWORD and HIDDEN IMMORTAL made it into the SPOTLIGHT ON SCREENWRITERS script catalog. WIFV hosted the event at George Washington University’s School of Media and Public Affairs. A special thanks to Monica Lee Bellais for leading this project, Chad Bartlett for graphic design, Dianne Williams for editing, and WIFV who made it possible.

TALISMAN SWORDHard Up, Hard Pressed, and Hell Bound


HIDDEN IMMORTALThere’s a Sage Inside All of [...]

Black Wolf Red Plays the Blues


Check out the new album by bluesman Black Wolf Red. This self-title debut features blistering guitar, soulful lyrics and his signature gravely voice. The ten tracks on this album range from traditional blues to modern Blues-Hard Rock Infusion.

According to Black Wolf Red’s Bio, he’s a native of Washington DC but spent some time in Kentucky, Tennesse and other parts of the Netherworld perfecting his craft.

Black Wolf Red (Album: Track Titles)

Sister Henry Scream When It Burns Black Wolf Red (Instrumental) Centipede Howlin’ Slide (Instrumental) Dumb and Ugly Blues Leave Your Ass Behind Black and Red (Instrumental) Red Rampage [...]

One Move Does it All


What if there is an exercise which benefits the whole body and enhances the organs, bones and tendons, four limbs and the brain? This month’s featured move is definitely a Taoist gem. Try this simple but powerful 1 minute exercise that activates the organ Qi, nurtures the brain, and strengthens the bones and tendons.

Keep the tip of the tongue at the roof of the mouth and knees relaxed. Hands at the side of the body, wrists lifted so the fingers are parallel to the floor with the fingers spread wide apart.

On the inhale, rotate the hands outward while [...]

The Healing Properties of Fermented Foods

The Healing Properties of Fermented Foods

Miso, tofu, wine and many of our favorite foods get their delicious taste from fermentation.

But did you know they also deliver high impact health benefits to our diet?

Learn about the nutritional and health benefits of your favorite ferments in this free paper by Dr. Ted Nawalinski. He summarizes the latest scientific research so you don’t have to. With over 230 citations (and we know some of you love citations) Dr. Nawalinski guides you from acidophilus to kimchi, beer to probiotics.

The Healing Properties of Fermented Foods by Dr. Ted Nawalinski


The Healing Properties of Fermented Foods [...]

Book Review: Body by Science

Body by Science

Body by Science: A Research-Based Program for Strength Training, Body Building, and Complete Fitness in 12 Minutes a Week Doug McGuff, M.D., and John Little, McGraw Hill, 2009, ISBN-13: 9780071597173

We exercise (or don’t) along a broad spectrum, from avoidance to apathy to resignation to obsession, ostensibly to achieve or maintain some semblance of health and avoid or delay the traditional illnesses of civilization. Those who avoid exercising don’t often deny its component in a healthy lifestyle but they construct a plausible story to justify the decision to themselves or others. I had a business colleague who said he didn’t [...]

Sharpen Your Eyes: Qigong Exercises for Your Vision

Incense Bamboo

Spring is the time of wood in Chinese five element theory, represented by the liver and the eyes in the body. Use these six Qigong exercises to sharpen your eyesight.

1) Focus on an object far away and then immediately shift the focus to the tip of the nose or some other object very close to the eyes. Repeat the change of focus 18 times.

2) Move the eyes in counter clockwise and then clockwise circles 18-36 times to exercise and strengthen the muscles and stimulate the blood circulation.

3) Use your thumb to gently massage and press Zanzhu point [...]

Spring Cleaning for Your Liver

Lily Pond and Coy

Give your liver some love this Spring with a special Qigong exercise and healing sound mantra. Wood energy rises in the Spring according to traditional Chinese Five Element theory. You may find that Liver problems become more pronounced in the form of disease or emotional outbursts.

Wood energy is associated with the Liver organ system and the color green. The emotion of anger negatively influences the Liver. While Qigong techniques are used year round to work on the Liver, they are particularly effective in the Spring.

Try the following Liver Detox Qigong:

1) Begin with your hands at your side, [...]

Elementi Eterni: Jazz Fusion Musical Meditation

Elementi Eterni Album

Elementi Eterni Jazz Fusion Album by Ney Mello ft. Bobby Muncy

Elementi Eterni Life transformed, created anew. Fire and Water combine. Essence of Yin and Yang forged in the crucible. An ocean’s journey, we dance in the flame.

Ancient cultures used music as meditation. Elementi Eterni, a Jazz Fusion album by guitar virtuoso Ney Mello and featuring Jazz master Bobby Muncy, brings a modern touch to self-cultivation.

Elementi Eterni blends the ancient Asian Elements with contemporary Miles Davis electric Jazz beats creating this East-West trance infusion. The Chinese pentatonic scale representing wood, fire, earth, metal and water merges with electric [...]